History of Golders Green

Golders Green has been a part of the manor of Hendon since the thirteenth century.
Early map references call it the “Temple Fortune”. The name likely refers to the Knight of St. John who had land in the area. Fortune may be derived from a small settlement on the route from Hampstead to Hendon arrived at before arriving at Hendon.

In 1895, a Jewish Cemetery was established near Ducksetters Lane and the Golders Green Crematorium was opened in 1902.

A significant movement of people into the suburb happened in the early 1900s. In 1907, the Golders Green Tube Station opened up. Both the Golders Green Hippodrome and the BBC Concert Orchestra were built in 1913. The church of St. Edward the confessor was built in 1916. The Aida Foster School of Drama turned out students like Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Simmons and Barbara Windsor.

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