Attractions to Golders Green

Visitors to Golders Green can see the Golders Hill Park.

This park is adjoining Hampstead Heath (a formal park that was the site of a large house that burned down in the 1930s). Now it has a walled garden, lovely ponds, a water garden and a small children’s zoo.

The zoo has been recently renovated to contain many varieties of small birds and other animals. The park also has an ice-cream bar and a cafй. Next to the park is the Hill, a formal garden with an extensive pergola.

Golders Green Crematorium is the most famous feature in Golders Green. It is an extensive crematorium garden with a special children’s section and a pond. It has several buildings and is sometimes referred to as the “celebrity crematorium” because of all of the famous people who have been cremated there, including Sigmund Freud and Neville Chamberlain.

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